Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Throttling Service Requests Using Camel

This tutorial shows how to use Camel to throttle the sending of messages to a service. This is necessary when you don't want to overload the service. For example, the service might have a published service level agreement (SLA) requiring you to only send a certain number of requests per second or minute. If you're not familiar with Camel, read my blog post on Implementing Pipes and Filters Using Camel.

The source code for this example is available on GitHub:

Let's consider an integration scenario where we receive orders via an incoming file drop. We then pick up the file, process it with some custom Java code, and then place a message on a JMS queue. Here's the Camel route, with a throttler that only allows one message to be sent to the JMS queue every five seconds.

<camelcontext xmlns="">
        <from uri="file://incoming" />
        <to uri="bean:orderProcessor?method=processIncomingOrder" />
        <throttle timePeriodMillis="5000">
            <to uri="activemq:queue:ORDERS.INCOMING" />

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