Thursday, February 28, 2013

Installing Maven on Windows

It goes without saying, that Maven depends on Java. This tutorial assumes that you're running at least version 1.5, so before proceeding with this tutorial, run "java -version" from your command prompt to verify the version of your Java installation.

You can download Maven from the Apache website:

Simply download the binary ZIP of the most recent version to your desktop.

After downloading the ZIP file, unzip it to whatever directory you like. I'll assume (for simplicity), that you've unzipped it to the root of your C: drive, resulting in C:\apache-maven-3.0.5\

After you've unzipped the binary, there are two environment variables you need to set. The first is M2_HOME. The other is to append the PATH variable.

To test your Maven installation, open a new command prompt and type the "mvn -v" command. If you've installed it correctly, you should get a description of your Maven installation. If you don't see the Maven description, double-check that your M2_HOME and PATH environment variables are set correctly.

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